Afternoon tea with the ladies

Despite having lived in England for 5 years, I had a very new experience on Friday. Afternoon tea. I realise that this event has got deep roots in the English culture, and to be honest, any event that involves loads of cake sounds good to me.

On top of that it was a celebration of Norwegian Elisabeth turning 23, and instead of doing the classic ‘It’s my birthday! Let’s get drunk’ event on facebook, she decided to invite the ladies only for a bit of sophistication on a Friday afternoon (We did go to the pub for a drink afterwards though. There’s only so much sophistication one can take).

The tea was had at Bea’s of Bloomsbury in St. Pauls, and it was very good indeed. There were baguette sandwiches, cupcakes, marshmallows, white and dark chocolate brownies and a teeny teapot for each of us. Needless to say we were pretty damn full after that!

As good as it was, it was still £17 per head. If you’re not especially interested in the experience of it, then I would suggest to visit Lola’s (no one makes cupcakes like Lola if you ask me), bring them home, invite a few friends, and make your own favorite tea.

The Birthday girl and Swedish Lina
Cake Heaven

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