Facebook babies and crazy mothers

I have them.

You have them. 

We all have them. 

Those Facebook friends who can talk about nothing but their babies. What they have just done, what they’ve said, pictures of them with their little faces covered in some unidentified food, etc. If you are anything like me, you are probably often asking yourself the question, while scrolling down your Facebook timeline, “Why, oh why do these mothers (Why is it always the mothers?) feel this need to share every little detail about their babies?!”

Obviously it is because they love them, and think they are the most incredible little creatures in the world, and that everybody else will obviously feel exactly the same way. Understandable. I don’t mind the occasional picture, or occasional baby-quote. But I do mind previously sensible women posting updates every hour about what their baby has been up to. Because, lets face it, babies don’t get up to much, really. 

In my (Face)book it is a very valid de-friending reason if it continues for more than a week. 

And in a sense, is it not a little bit wrong to post questionable photos etc. of a, although little, human being, without their consent? They are clearly too small to have an opinion or a say, but if you think about it, the pictures of children uploaded to Facebook are technically owned by Facebook. There are of course privacy settings, but as Facebook is a million dollar company, and not just a social network, they have the right to change their privacy settings whenever they want to. And I am guessing that many of their users might be slightly confused at times, and might not do the necessary research to only share things with the people they wish to share them with. 

With the amount of Ultra scan images I’ve seen on Facebook lately, I reckon a large amount of children in this day and age have been tagged in a photo on Facebook, long before they were even born. 

Fingers crossed I’ll never be one of them. And if I fall in, I sincerely hope than someone will hit me in the head and tell me to stop it. 



4 thoughts on “Facebook babies and crazy mothers

  1. I can’t agree more with you. I have those Facebook friends too and it’s ridiculous. I also get the fact that they love their little ones to pieces and want to show the world how lovely they are. But this is toooo much.

    I’m happy Facebook didn’t exist when I was a kid. Don’t these pics belong in a private photo album and not on the World Wide Web?

    1. My point exactly. There are plenty of baby photos of me, but due to the time I was born in, they’re all kept in a safe environment where no-one who were not intended to see them, will. Imagine when these facebook babies grow up, must be weird knowing that a lot of people saw all these photos of you when you were small. I think I would find it weird.

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