One of those days where all the little things in the universe just seems to be against you

Ah! I’m having a day. Yup, one of those days. A day where everything breaks, and nothing works, and it’s all just incredibly difficult.

Woke up. For the first 30 seconds every thing was great, until I turned the light on in the bathroom and the bulb burst. No problem, a few candles here and there, and it was all quite nice again. Although pretty dark. 30 minutes later when I come back to brush my teeth, half of my toothbrush has melted, because of the candle underneath.

Went to uni, was extremely unproductive. Word kept crashing, and Chrome kept saying the internet pages I wanted didn’t respond. Wen’t home again. Decided to unscrew burst lightbulb in the bathroom and go buy a new one. Had to stand on the edge of the bathtub, using one arm to keep my balance and the other to unscrew the bulb. Obviously (Obviously!) I drop the bulb, and it scatters all over the bathroom floor. Lots of not very nice words were said to myself at this point in time, but I carried on, wrapped the remaining piece of bulb and took it with me to find a matching new one.

So i went shopping, bought dinner etc., and probably overfilled the two tiny plastic bags just a slight bit. Both handles on both bags, as a response, decided to break when i was 1/3 of the way home. Managed to get home, squeezed in the front door with groceries everywhere.

And I obviously forgot to buy the lightbulb.

I shall touch nothing for the rest of the day. Hope the rest of you out there are having a less challenging Wednesday than I am.

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One thought on “One of those days where all the little things in the universe just seems to be against you

  1. Oh my freaking good! What a day! Hope you managed to get through it without any more unlucky happenings. I just hate days like this one. You just wanna jump right into bed and ignore the world 🙂

    Btw. We need to skype soon! 🙂

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