2013 so far according to Instagram


Sunday evening. I’m watching Back to the Future 2, and trying to figure out which person in the whole world I would like to be for a week for a graduate scheme application. Turns out it’s a very tough question. Therefore, while thinking about it, I though I would round up my 2013 so far.



I have in a moment of insanity impulse shopped a skateboard for Joel. He liked it though, so good things comes out of insanity sometimes. Our living room is taking shape, and we got ourself an (almost) free, brand new futon – Gumtree can be a good invention sometimes. I took a sleepy picture of myself in an elevator (as you do) on way to a lecture, and we spend a bit of quality time a Saturday afternoon at our local pub.



I bought £2 flowers, we got a load of snow here in Walthamstow (which fed the Twitter hashtag “Awesomesnow”), a bunch of lovely friends from Denmark came to visit and sleep in our living room, and we got some more snow.



I made red velvet cookies with a butter/cream-cheese/vanilla filling (recommendable!) Joel made a lemon tart/raspberry creation as a lovely surprise, which I couldn’t eat (I know, I’m just as outraged myself – I can ALWAYS eat cake). Had lovely fresh mint tea and panini at the local cafe in the Village and went out early to buy pastries, cokes and orange juice for 2 hungover brothers.



Library, library and library. It’s all about studying, and sometimes that can drive certain swedes a little crazy. I have watched Denmark do very well in the World Cup in Handball, for then to loose miserably to Spain in the final. It was so painful to watch, that I had to stop watching halfway through the second half. The Tangtastics saved the day though.



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