Feeling slightly nomadic… and in need of animal loving.

6 months ago I lived in Bethnal Green. Another 10 months before that I lived in Holloway. Right now I’m in Walthamstow, and in a month and a half I will be moving yet again, although still living in Walthamstow. 


The past 3 years I have been a student with a part time job. In about 20 days I will be an ex-student, searching for a new job. 

Everything is changing, but it’s definitely for the best. what’s not so great however, is having to show random excited, and prospective new tenants our current fla, starting tonight. Nothing quite so uncomfortable as inviting complete strangers in, and letting them judge your home. I’m going to think happy thoughts, and keep in mind that it is only a necessity on the way to a lovelier home (With a bathtub with lion feet. Yes!). It has also got a small real garden. And a cat-flap. Which immediately made me think of the possibility of getting a cat (obviously). I am in serious deficit in the pet department, having grown up with several dogs, at least 2 cats at any given point, at least horse since I was 10, birds and rabbits. Everyone need animals in their life to be a stable, balanced person. 

Now, just to convince my man that this is a brilliant idea! 






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