June according to Instagram

June has been an eventful month. Just to mention a few happenings it’s involved a flat move, a holiday, and final bachelor exams. It has been hectic, stressful, wonderful, and fun.

insta june 2

From left to right: 1. Got our the keys to pur new flat. Such a happy day. 2. And moved in! 3. ate amazing pizzas to celebrate (also, had no food in the house after a day of moving). Can more than recommend The Nag’s Head in Walthamstow Village for lovely pizzas. 4. More celebration, this time in The village Pub, also in Walthamstow Village. Authentic English pub with a nice beer garden. 5. I’ve made an effort with by breakfasts and 6. Been struck by creativity. Really need to start painting for real again.


insta june

1. I have made the most of our new terrace. Perfect timing to move to a flat with a nice outside area (And not just a car park). 2. Wise words. And very relevant when you feel slightly lost and unsure of what you’re actually doing and what you’re supposed to do. 3. More advantage-taking of our new terrace. Lovely, although slightly chilly evening with two brothers. 4. Best. sweets. ever.

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About a week ago I noticed how otherwise sane people on twitter started acting weird. there were rather rude tweets popping up on my timeline, all with the hashtag #SurrenderYourSay and a link. So I clicked the link, being rather scared to catch a twitter-virus.

But as it turned out, it definitely wasn’t a virus. It was a, in my opinion, brilliant initiativ by The Tourette Syndrom Foundation of Canada. They simply asked twitter users to give up their control on twitter for 24 hours, to mimic an online version of what it is like to have Tourette Syndrom in real life. So I signed up, not knowing quite what to expect. Shortly after my twitter profile started having a life of its own, and it was rather fascinating and eye opening to log on and discover a bunch of random tweets that I had no control over what so ever. All versions of the possible online Tourettes is an example of what some people actually struggle to control saying in real life.

Screenshot of my twitter-profile during my sign-up.

The campaign created by Saatchi and Saatchi Canada launched on June 19th.

According to CNN more than 8.900 people signed up, which has resulted in more than 3 million people world wide being reached by this very creative PR campaign. I think it’s safe to say that this is an amazing example of how charities can utilise social media, and in particular twitter, to raise awareness in a way that is both serious and contains an element of fun for the participator.

Random #SurrenderYourSay timeline screenshot


For further information visit the oficial SurrenderYourSay website.


What a ‘fun’ weekend we have had, packing, cleaning and organising. In about a weeks time Joel, myself, and a man with a van will be stuffing our things into a car and driving approximately 500m. To our new flat.

It has been a tough 7 months in our current flat. Very loud neighbours, a management company that turned out to be all talk and no action, horrible mould surprises, too many spiders the size of small elephants, and the occasional slug (Yes! Yuk!). When we viewed the place it was in a bit of a state and occupied by a giant dog and his tiny owner, and clearly we didn’t get a good enough view of the place (And had way to much faith in the estate agent who promised us a total renovation). After having been here for 7 months I cannot wait to get out. Next week can’t go fast enough. And how I feel sorry for the next tenants! Listening to estate agents sell the place and promising all the things in the world, has just been cringeworthy and a true challenge in lip-biting. Have wanted to burst out ‘run for your lives!’ so many times to new prospective renters.

So good bye old flat, and hello new flat. With a fire place, decked terrace and a lion feet bathtub (I has to be mentioned). I am already dreaming of summer evening bbq’s (probably because our ‘garden’ the past 7 months has been a car-park covered in litter. Lovely). Please do not contain any spiders/slugs/mould/weird neighbours.



Apologies for the very uninspiring image. But life can’t always be full of picturesque things (unfortunately).

Am I a grown-up now?

It is finally starting to dawn on me. I am done, and can now say that I am one bachelor degree richer. And an English one too. A full degree in what is my second language (although it sometimes feels like my first). All those years in school, masses of homework, worries, good times, friends, and developments – educational and personal. You would think I would have come out feeling clarified, calm, and with a clear path and goal laid out in front of me. But it honestly feels like I’m just starting on the real challenge, and it almost makes me want to run straight back in and never leave the library.

Good bye to assignment deadlines, long days (and evenings) at the library, lectures, coffee addiction, student offers, and revision.

Hello to application deadlines, unsureness, cover letters, and a ‘real’ grown-up job (which I have had before, so that shouldn’t be an issue… still feels weird though after 3 years and a part time job that came in second after studying).

I have no idea where I will be in 3, 5, or 10 years. I think the trick is to see it as opportunity rather than being terrified.

Image from https://www.ccsf.edu/NEW/en/student-services/admissions-and-registration/records/evaluation-and-graduation.html

Postcard from Denmark

Delayed, as postcards normally are. Got back to a cold, grey London yesterday with mixed feelings, after a week in Denmark with better weather than we could have ever hoped for and lots of quality time with family and friends.




























All Images taken by me, do not use without permission. 

A quick Hello from Denmark

As you’re reading this I will be in my home town Vejle, Denmark. A decent size city in the province, located in between hills and a fjord. I will hopefully be completely relaxed at this point, and have gotten used to the loud silence of the Danish country side.

A few facts about the Kingdom of Denmark;

1. Denmark is the home of Lego (I actually worked in Leoland for a while, and it was awesome).

2. The Danish flag called “Dannebro” is the oldest in the world, and according to history fell from the sky during a historic battle

3. It’s the oldest monarchy in the world.

4. The average tax rate is 49%. Thats right. But then we do get a lot in return compared to other countries, such as free healthcare, pension, etc. etc.

5. Aqua. Remember Aqua? If not, check this out (touching on 84 million views on YouTube. Must be a hit, hey. “The helium balloon and the lawn-mover”.

6. There is an Island in Denmark called Lolland. Seriously. Maybe that’s why everyone thinks we’re the happiest country in the world?

A few mobile pictures from our trip last May.

Vejle Fjord
Vejle Fjord

Country side in around Vejle
Deer in Vejle
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen
Nyhavn (Newhaven), Copenhagen
Country side around Vejle