A quick Hello from Denmark

As you’re reading this I will be in my home town Vejle, Denmark. A decent size city in the province, located in between hills and a fjord. I will hopefully be completely relaxed at this point, and have gotten used to the loud silence of the Danish country side.

A few facts about the Kingdom of Denmark;

1. Denmark is the home of Lego (I actually worked in Leoland for a while, and it was awesome).

2. The Danish flag called “Dannebro” is the oldest in the world, and according to history fell from the sky during a historic battle

3. It’s the oldest monarchy in the world.

4. The average tax rate is 49%. Thats right. But then we do get a lot in return compared to other countries, such as free healthcare, pension, etc. etc.

5. Aqua. Remember Aqua? If not, check this out (touching on 84 million views on YouTube. Must be a hit, hey. “The helium balloon and the lawn-mover”.

6. There is an Island in Denmark called Lolland. Seriously. Maybe that’s why everyone thinks we’re the happiest country in the world?

A few mobile pictures from our trip last May.

Vejle Fjord
Vejle Fjord

Country side in around Vejle
Deer in Vejle
The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen
Nyhavn (Newhaven), Copenhagen
Country side around Vejle


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