Am I a grown-up now?

It is finally starting to dawn on me. I am done, and can now say that I am one bachelor degree richer. And an English one too. A full degree in what is my second language (although it sometimes feels like my first). All those years in school, masses of homework, worries, good times, friends, and developments – educational and personal. You would think I would have come out feeling clarified, calm, and with a clear path and goal laid out in front of me. But it honestly feels like I’m just starting on the real challenge, and it almost makes me want to run straight back in and never leave the library.

Good bye to assignment deadlines, long days (and evenings) at the library, lectures, coffee addiction, student offers, and revision.

Hello to application deadlines, unsureness, cover letters, and a ‘real’ grown-up job (which I have had before, so that shouldn’t be an issue… still feels weird though after 3 years and a part time job that came in second after studying).

I have no idea where I will be in 3, 5, or 10 years. I think the trick is to see it as opportunity rather than being terrified.

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3 thoughts on “Am I a grown-up now?

  1. Yeah, I’m worried about this part too. I still have a year left, but it’s still a bit scary. But I’m sure you’ll soon find a nice job 🙂

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