What a ‘fun’ weekend we have had, packing, cleaning and organising. In about a weeks time Joel, myself, and a man with a van will be stuffing our things into a car and driving approximately 500m. To our new flat.

It has been a tough 7 months in our current flat. Very loud neighbours, a management company that turned out to be all talk and no action, horrible mould surprises, too many spiders the size of small elephants, and the occasional slug (Yes! Yuk!). When we viewed the place it was in a bit of a state and occupied by a giant dog and his tiny owner, and clearly we didn’t get a good enough view of the place (And had way to much faith in the estate agent who promised us a total renovation). After having been here for 7 months I cannot wait to get out. Next week can’t go fast enough. And how I feel sorry for the next tenants! Listening to estate agents sell the place and promising all the things in the world, has just been cringeworthy and a true challenge in lip-biting. Have wanted to burst out ‘run for your lives!’ so many times to new prospective renters.

So good bye old flat, and hello new flat. With a fire place, decked terrace and a lion feet bathtub (I has to be mentioned). I am already dreaming of summer evening bbq’s (probably because our ‘garden’ the past 7 months has been a car-park covered in litter. Lovely). Please do not contain any spiders/slugs/mould/weird neighbours.



Apologies for the very uninspiring image. But life can’t always be full of picturesque things (unfortunately).


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