About a week ago I noticed how otherwise sane people on twitter started acting weird. there were rather rude tweets popping up on my timeline, all with the hashtag #SurrenderYourSay and a link. So I clicked the link, being rather scared to catch a twitter-virus.

But as it turned out, it definitely wasn’t a virus. It was a, in my opinion, brilliant initiativ by The Tourette Syndrom Foundation of Canada. They simply asked twitter users to give up their control on twitter for 24 hours, to mimic an online version of what it is like to have Tourette Syndrom in real life. So I signed up, not knowing quite what to expect. Shortly after my twitter profile started having a life of its own, and it was rather fascinating and eye opening to log on and discover a bunch of random tweets that I had no control over what so ever. All versions of the possible online Tourettes is an example of what some people actually struggle to control saying in real life.

Screenshot of my twitter-profile during my sign-up.

The campaign created by Saatchi and Saatchi Canada launched on June 19th.

According to CNN more than 8.900 people signed up, which has resulted in more than 3 million people world wide being reached by this very creative PR campaign. I think it’s safe to say that this is an amazing example of how charities can utilise social media, and in particular twitter, to raise awareness in a way that is both serious and contains an element of fun for the participator.

Random #SurrenderYourSay timeline screenshot


For further information visit the oficial SurrenderYourSay website.


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