Hobbits and Elfs

Okay, I’ll admit it. I used to be a HUGE Lord Of The Rings fan. Huge as in sitting through a maraton, extended versions, viewing of all film in the cinema when the third one came out. As in having watched The Fellowship of The Ring (the first film, red.) about a hundred times. As in having watched all extra material there ever was to be found several times. As in pretty much knowing every single line in the 3 films.

I was therefore quite excited, but in a much more grown-up way, when The Hobbit came out. My mum, having witnessed her teenage daughter being slightly crazy, invited me to the cinema to see it when I was home for Christmas last year. Having been out of the Lord Of The Rings universe for some time, I actually quite enjoyed stepping back in for a bit. and the film was great (If not a bit too long).

It is no secret that as a teenager my favourite character was Legolas. With his bow and long blonde hair. So when I recently saw this clip that Peter Jackson and Orlando Bloom recorded after the final filming of the 3rd The Hobbit film, it made me smile and brought back lots of happy memories (and slightly frightening memories of a very obsessed teenage-Ida). A new version of the very viral clip that came out during the Lord of The Rings craze the first time around. I’m sure you have all seen it, but if not it is posted below too. I am personally looking forward to the next two film to hit the cinemas.



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