Something about creating things

Ever since I could hold a pencil I have drawn on all the blank papers I came near. In the beginning strange looking people with big heads and small bodies, later on mostly horses and other animals. the childish innocent imagination has developed into adult thoughts and feelings, and my recent creations have been rather dark. (you can see some of them here)

I find that painting is a very personal thing, and more than the finished product I enjoy the process. Shutting everything out for a while and only concentrate on shapes and colours and shadows. I have always found it rather nerve-wrecking sharing my things with others, as taste is very different and some of my things, granted, probably only appeal to a rather small audience at the moment.

I have never the less set up a little shop online, on one of my own personal favourite websites, Etsy. Can surf around in there for ages and be amazed over how many creative people there are in this world.

Stop by and have a look right here

Screen shot 2013-08-03 at 16.31.40



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