A weekend in Hampshire

This weekend Joel and I ventured down to Hampshire to visit his parents and brother Tom, who were house and dog sitting for a relative.

I’ve never been to Hampshire before. It’s a lovely area, beautiful nature, lots of cottages, small pubs, rivers, and forests. A real English country-side feel. We relaxed in the massive house, walked the dogs, and had drinks and dinner by the river-side, and explored Winchester, the previous capital of England. I wouldn’t mind moving in to a cottage in that area at some point, get a dog and a few horses and enjoy country life – with only an hour on the train to London.

One weekend was definitely not enough. We will be back 🙂

This is what beer gardens look like in Hampshire. Not bad, eh? Photo by Joel.
Martha the golden retriever, and Bonnie the Cocker Spaniel playing with Joel in the garden
Our accommodation for the weekend – Not too bad 😉
The dogs and I
Martha the sweet girl
Country-side walks. This should be mandatory for every Londoner ever so often.
Bedtime 🙂
Winchester High street

All images are taken with iPhone4, hence the picture quality. Gutted I didn’t bring my SLR.


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