#AskTheCurator day


I didn’t even know that this was a thing. But as I was looking through Twitter a few days ago it was clear that a lot of museums around the world were participating in answering questions from people around the world. It is a 24 hour event on the 18th of September, and any gallery no matter size or location can participate, as can any member of the public (who is on Twitter).

It’s a brilliant way to connect art fans with professionals, and open up the communication. And Twitter is the perfect channel. According to the Guardian the most frequently asked question are “What is it like to be a curator?”, “How do you decide what to display?” and ‘What is the most unique object in your collection?”.

It’s brilliant for museums to get exposure, and creates engagement and relationships with the public and art fans.

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 16.23.04
Screenshot of @tate’s timeline via Twitter


Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 16.21.40
Screenshot of @britishmuseum’s timeline via Twitter



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