The question of a onesie


For long I have thought of onesies as – to be blunt – extremely ugly. They have always created associations in my mind of the Slanket, and that’s not a good thing. Never have I seen a picture of someone wearing a onesie that looked good, however beautiful the model is. They always looked weirdly big and deformed, and somehow not as comfortable as the advert suggested (also, think of the effort having to be put in just to go to the toilet).


I found myself window shopping on (as you do) a while back. And I fell in love with a onesie. So I saved it on my ‘saved items list’ (along side 20+ other items) and thought I would sleep on it, and, hopefully, come to my senses. I woke up the next morning still in love with the onesie, so I decided to order it.  But, horror, it was of course sold out. Destiny decided for me. I’ve been keeping an eye on it ever since, and then yesterday it was suddenly back in my size. With the speed of a very fast ninja I snapped it up, and checked out faster than my brain could tell me to stop.

So this is it. I’m thinking it’s quite a good looking onesie, perhaps even one you can wear in public (gasp) but I’m obviously thinking it will look EXACTLY the same on me as on that model. Lets see.

 Desktop22You can get it here, although it does spend most of its time being sold out at the moment. Makes sense when you look at the price though.

I already made plans to wear it out, but then I thought of the combination onesie+pub/bar toilets, and figured it’s probably not the best of plans. Pics on instagram when it arrives (unless it’s horrible)


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