Frengers – “Not quite friends, not quite strangers”

Frengers. The title of an album I bought back in 2003, by a Danish band called Mew. The album has been a favourite of mine ever since, and not a week goes by where I don’t listen to a Mew song.

We kinda grew up together. Mew was formed north of copenhagen by a group of school friends, and to this day the band has changed very little on the members front. Only one of the original members has left to start his own project. The rest of them are still a team, still producing dreamy, rocky tunes.

I first saw them live several years back, and I was blown away. It was one of those gigs that takes you even further than just listening to a band playing some music. There was an euphoric atmosphere, and it felt like the entire audience was taken on a journey. Yesterday I saw them again, at the Roundhouse in Camden, London. And they were just as amazing as ever. It was a happy reunion on my part, and reminded me, in a good way, of my late teenage years.

So, here a small recommendation to check these guys out. They have quite a unique style, mostly due to the singer Jonas Bjerre’s very high pitched voice, and, as with all music, not everyone will like it. They are however genuine, hardworking, great writers, own-label artists, who do not fall for the ‘Simon Cowell world of music’, that a lot of artist unfortunately is blinded by these days.  These guys deserve some love.

The below is a recording from Roskilde Festival 2012


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