The IKEA effect

As this is being published I am most likely in IKEA, most likely in a single effort, or with a man with a ‘kill me now’ look on his face (which does not disappear until we get to the food section).

We’re only getting four organising boxes called Drona, for a new bookcase called Kallax that we bought secondhand last week. In theory, that is. Because as anyone who has ever set foot in an IKEA store knows, you will most likely get lost, buy everything that you don’t need, and end up at the checkouts with enough stuff to establish a completely new household. But how can you not get that clever little thing, that will most likely be useful at some point in your life, and is only £2? It would be stupid not to, really. Especially considering that it probably took you about half a day getting to it, while making your way through the IKEA maze and those thousand little perfect rooms (Which really are just walls set up inside a giant warehouse).

We’ve all been there (And no, it’s not easier for Scandinavians – apart from pronouncing the names, maybe).



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