Things I want to do more of

I love lists. And I have this theory, that if I put things into lists, they automatically come true. So here’s a cliche ‘things I want to do more of’ list, in the hope that I’ll become better at all of this stuff (and as a reminder to myself)

1. Start running again – What a boring start to this list! I’m already boring myself. Never the less, I WOULD like to run more (In theory at least). Not crazy far, and nothing to do with marathons (Heaven forbid!). Just nice little runs, some interval training to accompany the exercise I already do. That would be nice. I just always worry I’ll look like Phoebe.

2. Catch up on all those series I’m hopelessly behind on – Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, House of Cards? Haven’t seen them. Sons of Anarchy? Mad Men (apart from season 1)? Nope. The fact that I haven’t seen them basically prevents me from having any sort of extended small talk with pretty much anyone. On the other hand, I have watched Girls, Orange is The New Black, Dexter (several times), Twin Peaks, and all the Danish series such as The Killing, Borgen, Rita and The Bridge. Which is also my excuse for not having seen the other ones.

3. Take more advantage of living in London. Go to all the free things. See all the exhibitions. Do all the amazing things that TimeOut tells you to do in the free magazine on Tuesdays. But lets be honest here: London is a pain in the arse. When you live and work in this city, and have a daily commute, the last thing you want to do is get on the tube at the weekend with the rest of the sweaty population (and the tourists), and go to crowded places. I am very fortunate that my local turf (Walthamstow) has some of the finest pubs (and beer gardens!) in London, and a nice big forest, ponds and a marsh on the doorstep, which usually wins over the pavements of central London.

4. See more friends, more often. Point number 2 and 3 might get int he way of this. Can someone invent a way to get more hours in the day already?

5. Blog more – Yes! Here it is. This might be the point I might actually succeed in fulfilling. Might. I just need to stop letting my own self-criticism stop me and write what I feel like writing. If for nothing else, so I can look back at this in 20-odd years, and look at all these pointless posts.

6. As we say in Danish when your will power is extremely low: Stop having a spine like an earthworm, so I can actually fulfil points 1-5.



4 thoughts on “Things I want to do more of

  1. This is such an awesome post and I love that you are back blogging! And I’m so with you on all of these points (no. 1 being more walks/bike rides for me and no. 3 converted to Copenhagen). And as you say stop letting the self-criticism get to you! I find it very hard too but it’s your blog and you can write about whatever you want! 🙂

    1. Yes! That’s the point exactly – We just need to remember that 🙂 I look forward to following your blog antics too, and reading about all your bike-ride and Copenhagen discoveries 🙂

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