Sunday Inspiration #1

I love Pinterest and Tumblr for the visual inspiration that they provide – For me, both channels are a source of both collecting things that I love, or that make an impression on me, and a relaxation tool. This is a collection of what has inspired me this week – What has inspired you?


0faa608912cbdf07237b5edbc8294e82 12b4cc81280aaf26350d548b67a119f0 79d660fbd9fb6cf28fb2b7b1bd88bf85 099eef08d45b3b967c8a377d087d39c2 762234e8dd6b3ea8460a7242549582e7 a993030ea8ee18b6fe338e5c0f0182fb cf25ca78b9985ebd0b62064be1a35707 fc30e3e41f518601cc8cf18c966cf444 tumblr_nrasc48BN21qatqv1o1_1280


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