Dreaming of: Olympus PEN generation

This post is a little bit painful. As anyone with a DSLR camera knows, you are either very strongly a Canon person, or a Nikon person (or something completely different, but the force is strong with those two). I have always been a Canon person.

I bought my current DSLR in Nepal back in 2007 (no, it’s not a fake), and I’ve loved it muchly. I later acquired a really good lens for it (the Canon red series), and it has provided me with some brilliant photos over the years (despite me not being an expert – I know things, and how to use a DSLR in manual, but that’s about as far as my technical abilities go).

But a lot has happened in camera technology since 2007, and there’s a new camera on my radar: The Olympus PEN generation. I feel a bit like a traitor for saying this, because ‘one time Canon, always Canon’ and all that, but I do think the Olympus has something to offer.


Firstly, it’s fairly compact. And way more compact than my Canon, which is one of the reasons why I don’t take as many good photos anymore – It’s simply too big and bulky to drag around in my handbag or hand luggage. I reckon I would bring a proper camera much more often if it was smaller. At the moment I tend to use my iPhone 6, which is doing a pretty good job, but nothing compared to a proper camera with a good lens.


Granted, it’s the ‘blogger camera of choice’, but I have checked out various reviews online (this one for example, which has a lot of image examples, or this one), and it seems that most people think it’s a fine little camera that takes great images – Which is exactly what I need. IIt is as complicated as you want it to be – Manual settings to your hearts desire, but at the same time some fun functions like filters. It does video too, although it’s not it’s strong suit according to most reviews. And then there’s the look of it – I love the retro vibe, I must admit.

Which camera do you use, and do you like it?



2 thoughts on “Dreaming of: Olympus PEN generation

  1. Dear Ida,

    Below are links to reviews of mirrorless cameras, lenses and sensors.

    The camera reviews are from dpreviews.com, an independent digital photography review site and forum.
    Entry-level (incl Olympus Pen PL-7):
    For enthusiasts:



    Have fun and don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions. I’m a techie and spend a lot of time reading and discussing cameras and sensors, hoping that this will somehow make me a better photographer. Perhaps I should try taking pictures instead.

    One final site (in Danish):

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