Introducing… Myself!

What a self-important headline! But I thought that it might be the right thing to do, if I plan on making this blog-thing a more regular occurrence. So I have nicked these questions off my lovely friend, and fellow blogger Helene. I hate talking about myself, so this will be a ‘fun’ exercise. So without further ado, here’s bunch of questions I’ve answered about myself (sorry).

Occupation: I work for a Global design consultancy in London, in their marketing team.

Born: 7th August 1986

Living situation: I live in North East London with my lovely fiancé Joel

Interests: Blogging (I have to say that right?), taking photos of things and editing the pictures (see previous post for evidence), painting and drawing, music (in particular rock and alternative stuff, but I reckon this deserves a blog post of its own), and lots more really.

My Goal: Well, this is quite the question isn’t it. I’ve always been quite bad at setting myself tangible long-term goals, so I guess my overall goal in life is to be happy, stay curious, and continue to develop while being surrounded by the people I love. Oh, and get a Golden Retriever (or two)

Dream job as a child: Vet or horse trainer

Dream job as a teenager: Graphic designer (I would still like to learn this properly at some point – My photoshop skills have a lot to be desired!)

Favorite exercise: None? Nah, I do enjoy a bit of physical activity. At the moment I mainly do a mixture of yoga/pilates and weight training. When I was a child/teenager I used to ride horses every day, which is definitely my preferred form of exercise.

Favourite sport: Any type of equestrian, and I love watching handball (and sometimes golf – I think it’s because it’s quite de-stressing)

Bad at: Small talk

Good at: Watching an entire TV show in a weekend

Worst trait: I’m quite impatient (Same as Helene!)

Best trait: I’m really organised. That sounds boring, but actually it’s not (Okay, maybe it is a little bit).

Favourite trait in other people: Kindness.

Best way to de-stress: Watch an entire TV show in one weekend. While flicking through Pinterest or Instagram.

I look forward to: Going on holiday in 6 (!) working days.

Listens to: Lots of rock and alternative stuff – to mention a few, there’s Depeche Mode, David Bowie, The Prodigy, Massive Attack, Mew, The Flaming Lips, Kashmir, Arcade Fire, Beck, etc. etc. Feel free to follow me on Spotify, and I’ll be happy to follow you back too!

Dance to: Depeche Mode and that ‘Blue’ song (don’t we all? The 90’s were the best)

Favourite gadget: considering the amount of time I spend with it, it must be my iPhone 6.

Favorite on Twitter: Cluedont

Favourite on Instagram: Tough one! I wrote a post about this a little while back – Check it out here

Favourite on YouTube: I have no idea! I’m not much of a YouTuber

What makes me laugh: tickles

What makes me cry: tickles

Dream life: A big house in the country with room for a few horses and some Golden Retrievers, as well as a nice city pad (and a lottery win to afford it all)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Tonight’s blogging situation



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