The struggle is real

Today has been rainy, grey and felt like summer has definitively gone away and made way for autumn. On top of that, the normally lovely (compared to the central line) Victoria Line is half closed, and has been for the past two weeks.

Which is why I today found myself running up and down a train platform at Liverpool Street with a bunch of other people, desperately trying to find a 5 cm gap to squeeze my body into, just to avoid having to wait another 15 (!) minutes for the next train. It didn’t happen. The ‘don’t you dare try!’ looks from all the already incredibly squeezed people on the train, desperately trying to stay on the ledge of the train hoping the doors would miraculously close around them, discouraged me.

It really is every man (or woman) for themselves on the London train network at rush hour. Just like 10 minutes earlier, arriving at Liverpool Street on the Central Line, and a very capable man snapped up a seat right in front of an elderly man, clearly struggling to stand. I noticed a seat and rather loudly said ‘there’s a seat for you here’ to the elderly man, hoping the other capable man would feel a little bad about his actions. I’m sure he didn’t! But because if this, I almost didn’t get off the train as people starting floating on with panic in their eyes. I don’t have much love for the London transport system these days, as you can probably hear. It does make me appreciate the rather dreamy commute, for London standards anyway, that I have normally.


2 thoughts on “The struggle is real

  1. Oh man. Sounds really annoying. I’m happy that the trains here in Denmark aren’t that crowded. The delays and stuff sucks but at least there is more space. And you can’t even take your bike instead in London because of the crazy traffic. Hope they’ll get your line ready and working with no problems soon!

    1. Ups and down – But yes, the space is definitely something I miss too – and the ability to bike everywhere. But that said, the tube network is amazing, considering the amount of people it bring around every day. Can’t really compare that to Copenhagen 🙂

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