Self-confessed crazy cat-lady

I’ve just spend about 20 minutes going ‘kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty’ out our kitchen window, to a couple of neighbourhood cats sitting outside on the roof. The kindly came up to the window and had a peak inside, and allowed me a tiny touch. Thanks guys. One of then, a white one, we have endearingly named ‘The definition of an idiot’, only because she’s a bit of a clumsy cat. She regularly falls of the fence outside, and has no idea of what to do with a squirrel.

I am definitely what you would call a crazy cat-lady. I grew up with two cats, Chip and Chap, who were two black and white sisters, put on our doorstep when I was a couple of years old, and they were no more than a couple of weeks. My parents took them in, and we grew up together.

They definitely spoiled me for life on the cat-front! Especially Chap took a particular liking to me, and would follow me everywhere. She would even come with us when we went to the restaurant that was down the road from our house, and sit and wait outside for us while we ate (one day a waiter came over and said ‘who’s that fat cat sitting outside!’ – to which we could only reply that it was our fat cat).

Chap and I
Chap and I napping away

Since then there has been lots of cats in my life – Kamma, the sweet little red one with self-confidence issues, who we took home from a riding center at which I had been at summercamp, and Findus, a very self-confident and fun grey cat, who found his way to my dad’s farm by hiding in a car motor.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 21.06.35

I don’t have any cats in my life at the moment. But thankfully there are plenty of cats in London, and I always make friends.

In our last flat it was the neighbour’s Rosie who always came to say hello, and the strange Geoffrey (this wasn’t actually his name – He just looked like a Geoffrey) and his strange partner in crime Frederich (Not his name either – But he looked like a Frederich).

I saw this some where a while back, and it perfectly describes every cat I have ever known: In ancient times, cats were worshipped like Gods. They have never forgotten this.

At the same time they are quite loyal (but never count on this – they would never run for help if you broke a leg, but probably just enjoy laying on you) and definitely a lot of fun.

I realise I’m completely outing myself here, but oh well. Cats are cool. Just ask the internet.


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