Ice skating and mulled wine at Somerset House

Well, if I wasn’t feeling Christmassy before, I certainly am now!

Last night Kat and I swirled un-gracefully around the Somerset House ice-rink for an hour. At first, we played it safe (very safe!) going rather slow around the edge, always within reach of the handrail. But we quickly became braver and ventured further out on the ice, and actually became pretty good at it! No one fell (Although it was pretty damn close a few times). It wasn’t pretty, but it was definitely fun!

When we got off the ice after an hour of skating, we somehow forgot how to use our legs the normal way, but we did manage to walk to the bar next to the ice rink to get a much needed mulled wine.

Somerset House sure is the perfect setting for ice skating. Surrounded by beautiful lit-up buildings on all sides, a huge Christmas tree and happy people, it did loads for my festive mood.

After ice skating we walked across the bridge to check out the Rekorderlig cider lodge at The Southbank Centre on the other side of the Thames and the Winter Market. It was nice, but not many stalls were open when we got there, and it was a little empty. If you plan on going, definitely go before 9pm and perhaps wait till we get a little closer to Christmas.



The Bridge

Tonight the 3rd season of The Bridge finally reaches the land of tea and crumpets, and I’m really very excited about it. It is also just about the only thing on TV, and definitely the only series (apart from EastEnders, but lets not talk about that) that my boyfriend Joel will actually watch.

I caught the first episode of the third series when I was in Denmark earlier in the year, and it was a whirlwind – definitely a very intriguing start to the series, and full on from the start. Saga, the slightly disturbed Swedish police woman is being paired up with a new Danish partner after a crime is committed linking both countries. Without saying too much, in case you haven’t seen the first two series, she has lost her regular Danish partner Martin, after helping put him in jail at the end of series 2.

The Bridge is one of my favourite crime series, because of the amazing imagery, the quirky personas and the amazing storyline – it is so complex, that you’ll need to intensely follow to keep up. Even the first episode of the third series is a challenge. Don’t go to the loo or to make tea, you will be totally lost when you get back!

It starts tonight at 9pm on BBC4.

November inspiration

Personally, I find autumn to be a really special time of year. I think I would find it incredibly difficult to live in a part of the world where there are no seasons as such. It is sad in a way, as nature prepares for winter and ‘shuts down’. But equally beautiful because of the colours, the special light, and the promise of a return when we reach spring. It makes me feel small and unimportant, and reminds me that I’m just a tiny person living on nature’s premises. and I wouldn’t have it any other way.










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The greatness of grandparents

A few weeks back I travelled back to Denmark for a long weekend. The occasion was my grandparents crown diamond wedding anniversary – meaning, they have been married for 65 years. 65 years! How crazy is that? They got married in 1950, at the age of 21 and 26, which for the time was actually quite an ‘old’ age to get married at. Not very many people reach that incredible milestone, and probably even fewer people in the future. Being almost 30, I’m probably already too old to get there, even if I got married today.

Needless to say they are quite the inspiration to me, those two, and they are definitely the ones that keep the family together.

I have so many fond memories from my childhood when I would go visit them. They used to have a summer house by the sea, and I would go there pretty much every summer to stay with them for a weeks time. My grandfather would make waffles outside in the evenings, or we would go for a walk to the harbour after dinner for ice cream. My grandmother would tirelessly take me to the small local stable, where I loved going on rides on small, moody ponies. On hot summer days we would go in the sea several times a day, always with Buster, their big black dog. On rainy days we would play board games indoors or on the veranda.

We celebrated on the exact day of their anniversary at a Forest Inn, in the middle of the autumnal looking landscape, with a lunch, lots of drinks, coffee and cake. There were a few speeches, and when my grandfather stood up and briefly thanked everyone for coming, a small tear made its way down his cheek. I can only imagine all the history that must have gone through his head, all the memories and the images of an incredible life.

Me, my grandmother and Buster in the sea one summer
Me, my grandmother and Buster in the sea one summer