Hello from a not so Christmassy Denmark

I landed a few nights ago, and have so far had a very relaxed time with my mum. 

The weather is super dull – rainy, windy, around 10 degrees and not Christmassy at all. 

We went out to do a bit of last minute shopping yesterday, along side the rest of the population of Vejle. I had my eyes on a pair of boots for myself, but two super excited shop assistants put a stop to it – I just can’t deal with it. They were very friendly, and without a doubt just eager to be helpful, but it’s just too much pressure when you’re tying to have a quiet look around – huzzay for online shopping! 

I’ve also managed to keep up with traditions and gotten myself a really heavy cold, just in time for the Christmas shenanigans. At least the best place to feel a bit poorly is when your parents are around, so it could be a lot worse 🙂 So I’m spending the day on the couch under a cosy blanket, with non-stop cheesy Christmas films on the TV, and a constant supply of clementines. Later we are braving the crowds again for a bit of final shopping, and tonight we’re going out for a non-Christmassy dinner of tapas and wine. 

Tomorrow is the big day here in Denmark, which I’ll be spending at my dads with grandparents, my uncle and aunt, cousin and some of my dad’s girlfriend’s family. The day will be made up of country walks, cooking and talking, before we sit down for a Christmas dinner followed by singing carols while walking around the Christmas tree, and then finally the presents 🙂 it’s all about the “Hygge” and I’m sure it will be lovely. 

I hope you will all have a great Christmas with your loved ones! 




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