This blog has recently undergone a bit of an identity crisis, and I do apologise for the confusion.

It’ve been finding it a little hard to make this page feel like home – very similar in many ways, to my real life at the moment, which has been all about moving, and not being able to find anything, anywhere. The previous layout didn’t feel quite right, and there were too many things that I couldn’t do. So here we are, a brand new look. There’s nothing groundbreaking in it, but hopefully it will now be easier for you guys to find your way around the site – and for me! Nice and simple was the goal, and I hope I have found the right theme for that now.

Anyway, how awesome is it that it is now finally Friday? It’s been a bloody busy week in my life, but things are finally coming together. We even have broadband in our new place now, which, let’s face it, puts the cherry on top and completes the home. However sad that might be.

Joel and I are spending our Friday night in a not very fashionable way though, doing a final clean of our old flat, which we hand back to its rightful owner tomorrow. We were rather sad when we were first told that we had to move, but at this point in time, I really can’t wait to just hand those keys over and be done with it. Before the cleaning commences, I do think we’ll treat ourselves to the best burger Walthamstow has to offer (because, we need some fuel for all that cleaning obviously – a rather good reason if you ask me.)

The rest of the weekends we’ll be sorting out the final bits in our new flat, and getting in some proper relaxation. But, there’ll be space for a trip to the gym too.

Have a lovely weekend all!

Ida x



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