Virtually Moving

I felt like it was time for an update in my digital life – I have therefore been pulling out my hair the past few days, setting up a new blog, which is more me and less WordPress 🙂 It’s been great fun, and it’s now functioning (although still some adjustments to be made, so please bear with me).

In the future you will be able to find me over on – Hope to see you over there!



Can we stop time please?!

Am I the only one who thinks time is seriously flying by these days? It’s already Monday again! It’s almost April, for crying out loud.

Last week has been a bit of a mishmash of stuff, and felt a bit chaotic, but in a good way most of the time. The weekend was spent sorting out a bit more, and on the Sunday Joel’s lovely parents came to visit. We went for a really nice Tapas lunch at Orford Salon – We went there on my birthday last summer, and  both times were amazing. The food is great, fresh and tasty, and the service is nice and friendly – and relaxed, which is a big plus in my book. You won’t be bothered by waiters unless they actually need to ask you something, deliver food, or take payment, and they don’t rush you. Very much recommended if you’re ever in the Stow.

I also started my avocado tree project this weekend. It’ll take forever (apparently it’s about a month before anything happens at all), but it’s a nice antidote to an otherwise very fast moving life and world in general. I hope it works! (But I don’t expect it to actually deliver any avocados – that would probably be too much to ask).

Next weekend my mother is here next weekend (It’s a four day weekend in England). She’s been here many times before, which means sightseeing isn’t on the agenda (huzzah!) but perhaps a visit to Cambridge, a few gallery visits, and of course some nice food. Hopefully our little flat won’t be too much of a squeeze – It’ll be the first test, and I’m sure it’ll be great.





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This blog has recently undergone a bit of an identity crisis, and I do apologise for the confusion.

It’ve been finding it a little hard to make this page feel like home – very similar in many ways, to my real life at the moment, which has been all about moving, and not being able to find anything, anywhere. The previous layout didn’t feel quite right, and there were too many things that I couldn’t do. So here we are, a brand new look. There’s nothing groundbreaking in it, but hopefully it will now be easier for you guys to find your way around the site – and for me! Nice and simple was the goal, and I hope I have found the right theme for that now.

Anyway, how awesome is it that it is now finally Friday? It’s been a bloody busy week in my life, but things are finally coming together. We even have broadband in our new place now, which, let’s face it, puts the cherry on top and completes the home. However sad that might be.

Joel and I are spending our Friday night in a not very fashionable way though, doing a final clean of our old flat, which we hand back to its rightful owner tomorrow. We were rather sad when we were first told that we had to move, but at this point in time, I really can’t wait to just hand those keys over and be done with it. Before the cleaning commences, I do think we’ll treat ourselves to the best burger Walthamstow has to offer (because, we need some fuel for all that cleaning obviously – a rather good reason if you ask me.)

The rest of the weekends we’ll be sorting out the final bits in our new flat, and getting in some proper relaxation. But, there’ll be space for a trip to the gym too.

Have a lovely weekend all!

Ida x


The flat hunt is over

I’m very happy to report that our flat hunt has come to an end, and we have found a new lovely flat in the heart of Walthamstow Village. It even has a little back garden with lots of green grass, which I’m sure we will value highly when spring finally decides to arrive (When will that be exactly?)

So the packing has commenced, in a big way. I have made the mistake of packing all my clothes away, so have been forced to wear the same 10 items for about a week now.

The best part of moving to a new place, is that it’s a fresh start. I love getting creative with the decorating, and I can’t wait to make the new place feel like home. This in between face isn’t much fun, but there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel. And, a proper nice bath which I can’t wait to drop a bath bomb from Lush into, and soak for while (I’m imagining candles, face masks, glass of wine, good book and Netflix – In reality, I’ll probably be bored after 5 minutes.)

So my life is full or organisation at the moment. I’m pretty good at making things happen, but I don’t particularly like it. On the other hand, I don’t like trusting others with the tasks either, so I’m running around my own little hamster wheel of death. Thankfully it’s all over soon, so I can let my brain think some more creative thoughts, rather than just numbers, dates and endless phone calls.

Our old flat has served us well. The one thing I will miss the most is the amazing view over London, and the feeling of being above the hectic city. But, as annoying as moving is, I am so looking forward to it.


One of those days

It’s been one of those days where you feel like screaming into a pillow, and just take one long nap, so you don’t have to deal with anything.

The email I have feared since last summer, when our landlady put us on a so-called ‘rolling contract’ have come. We have to move (insert huge sigh).

I am soooo tired of moving. I have lived in London for a total of almost 9 years, and I have lived a total of 8 different places. 8! That’s a move almost every year. The last 3 of those, have been in Walthamstow. And the number of those houses which had no nasty surprises, is about one. I could say a lot of things about the London rental market and the prices, but I’m afraid that if I start, I’ll never stop. And I am trying really hard not to be super-negative about it, and instead see the positive sides to this (ha!)

Another aspect of this is that I despise Estate Agents, and the whole world around them. Rental fees, administration fees, references, etc. etc. They might be nice people, but they have pretty shitty jobs.

So now what? We have really settled down in our current area. I have an easy commute to work, as does Joel (who can walk). Our gym is just around the corner. Joel’s music partner is 10 minutes away. I have already had a peek at the rental market in our area, and surprise, surprise, the prices have gone up since we were last looking a year and a half ago. And also, I really like our current flat. It’s been a great home for us the past 1,5 years, and it’ll be sad leaving it behind for something not as good.

But nostalgia won’t get us anywhere. Time to look at this as an opportunity to shake things up, and think about our options. I just need a week (and a glass of wine or two) to get over the chock first.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 13.48.35


A brand new year: So far

Well, 2016 isn’t so bad, is it? Not much has happened yet really, but a nice, gentle start to the New Year ain’t so bad either.

I started work yesterday, and committed the classic post-holiday blues crime of booking all my holiday for the year. Definitely something to look forward to, and it’s looking to be an exciting travel year ahead indeed.

I’m one of those people who is not so keen on New Year’s eve. Going out is out of the question, a house party might work, but really I prefer to stay at home. Normally my Christmas days are pretty full on, so when New Year comes around a bit of relaxations is much needed. Also, in our current flat we have a pretty fantastic view of South-East London, so no need to move to see a bunch of fireworks. So, this year Joel and I went for an early evening drink in our local pub, grabbed a load of cheese and other indulgent snack foods, went around a friend’s house (who conveniently live about two houses down from us), and were back home at about 10pm. the rest of the evening was spend on the couch with lots of bubbly, food, and Jools Holland on TV. Pretty good if you ask me!

January isn’t the most inspiring month (by far!) but how nice is it to know that spring and summer is just around the corner?

Have a lovely year all, and remember – Just like with age, it’s just a number (says the one who is turning a very sharp corner later in the year – hello 30).

A few Instagram shots from the holiday: 

Hello December!

It’s official. It’s Christmas. Get ready for ‘Last Christmas’ on repeat, an overload of nuts, dates and mint/gingerbread flavoured everything, and a general feeling of slight stress, if everything we do isn’t ‘christmassy’.

I love christmas, I really do – But I’m not very good at it. I’m good at the eating and drinking part (who isn’t?), but not so much at the preparation part. When I read other peoples’ blogs, everyone seems to have the entire house decorated on the spot at midnight on December 1st, ready and prepped for lots of christmassy photo shoots of artisan advent presents, home-made elfs, and a constant pot of hot mulled wine at the ready.

Most of the Christmas decorations I own, have been given to me by more christmassy relatives. I’m also quite lucky, as one Dane will normally send over a calendar candle in time for December first (I’m pretty sure this is a Danish tradition, adding to the christmassy stress if you get behind on burning it down, a little bit each day).

Luckily, England is much more about the going-out than the staying-in, compared to Denmark. Denmark is all about ‘hygge‘, preferably in a perfectly decorated Christmassy home. In London, you can rely on other people (mostly pubs or bars) to provide the flawless decoration, which is pretty convenient for someone like me. One thing I don’t get about English christmas though, is how acceptable a plastic tree is. I can’t imagine anything less Christmassy than a plastic Christmas tree, that you pick up from Argos at a discount. And get a ready made bundle of decorations in a ‘theme’ colour while you’re at it. I would rather have no tree at all.

Having said all that, I is more about the feeling than the setting. And I must say, that nothing beats Londoners, or the English in general, at getting together and celebrating.

I do think Christmas will sneak in to our little home sooner or later though. As will a real Christmas tree. And when I sit on the Ryanair plane in a few weeks time, ready to take off to Denmark, I’m sure I’ll be very excited. Excited to see the family, the dog, and the christmas tree with all questionable home-made decorations, that I spent my childhood producing.


The greatness of grandparents

A few weeks back I travelled back to Denmark for a long weekend. The occasion was my grandparents crown diamond wedding anniversary – meaning, they have been married for 65 years. 65 years! How crazy is that? They got married in 1950, at the age of 21 and 26, which for the time was actually quite an ‘old’ age to get married at. Not very many people reach that incredible milestone, and probably even fewer people in the future. Being almost 30, I’m probably already too old to get there, even if I got married today.

Needless to say they are quite the inspiration to me, those two, and they are definitely the ones that keep the family together.

I have so many fond memories from my childhood when I would go visit them. They used to have a summer house by the sea, and I would go there pretty much every summer to stay with them for a weeks time. My grandfather would make waffles outside in the evenings, or we would go for a walk to the harbour after dinner for ice cream. My grandmother would tirelessly take me to the small local stable, where I loved going on rides on small, moody ponies. On hot summer days we would go in the sea several times a day, always with Buster, their big black dog. On rainy days we would play board games indoors or on the veranda.

We celebrated on the exact day of their anniversary at a Forest Inn, in the middle of the autumnal looking landscape, with a lunch, lots of drinks, coffee and cake. There were a few speeches, and when my grandfather stood up and briefly thanked everyone for coming, a small tear made its way down his cheek. I can only imagine all the history that must have gone through his head, all the memories and the images of an incredible life.

Me, my grandmother and Buster in the sea one summer
Me, my grandmother and Buster in the sea one summer

Universe in Two

My boyfriend Joel and his music partner Paul have just released the first EP for their newest project – Ultra. We had an amazing day out shooting the video below, done by Joel’s brother Josh, and – although I’m clearly biased – I think it’s turned out so very well. Have a peak below:

If you like it, I know they would appreciate a like or a follow – you can find them on Facebook and Twitter, and Soundcloud – and very soon on Spotify as well.

Countryside bliss

It sure feels like a Monday today. Especially after a relaxing weekend in the countryside. Joel and I met at extremely busy Waterloo station on Friday. There were so many people it was almost dizzying, and we definitely took a sight of relieve when we finally sat down in the train – heading out of London. Once we reached Hampshire, we went straight to a lovely Indian restaurant in Liss, where we met Joel’s parent’s and his youngest brother. It took us a little while to calm down completely. It’s quite amazing what London does to your general stress level!

The rest of the weekend was spend in Joel’s parents amazing cottage near Petersfield in the South Downs national park. Think indulgent food (mostly fresh from the garden), bike rides in the sunshine, fluffy knits, and lots of cups of tea. It was definitely needed!

All images are taken by me – Please do not use without permission