Hello December!

It’s official. It’s Christmas. Get ready for ‘Last Christmas’ on repeat, an overload of nuts, dates and mint/gingerbread flavoured everything, and a general feeling of slight stress, if everything we do isn’t ‘christmassy’.

I love christmas, I really do – But I’m not very good at it. I’m good at the eating and drinking part (who isn’t?), but not so much at the preparation part. When I read other peoples’ blogs, everyone seems to have the entire house decorated on the spot at midnight on December 1st, ready and prepped for lots of christmassy photo shoots of artisan advent presents, home-made elfs, and a constant pot of hot mulled wine at the ready.

Most of the Christmas decorations I own, have been given to me by more christmassy relatives. I’m also quite lucky, as one Dane will normally send over a calendar candle in time for December first (I’m pretty sure this is a Danish tradition, adding to the christmassy stress if you get behind on burning it down, a little bit each day).

Luckily, England is much more about the going-out than the staying-in, compared to Denmark. Denmark is all about ‘hygge‘, preferably in a perfectly decorated Christmassy home. In London, you can rely on other people (mostly pubs or bars) to provide the flawless decoration, which is pretty convenient for someone like me. One thing I don’t get about English christmas though, is how acceptable a plastic tree is. I can’t imagine anything less Christmassy than a plastic Christmas tree, that you pick up from Argos at a discount. And get a ready made bundle of decorations in a ‘theme’ colour while you’re at it. I would rather have no tree at all.

Having said all that, I is more about the feeling than the setting. And I must say, that nothing beats Londoners, or the English in general, at getting together and celebrating.

I do think Christmas will sneak in to our little home sooner or later though. As will a real Christmas tree. And when I sit on the Ryanair plane in a few weeks time, ready to take off to Denmark, I’m sure I’ll be very excited. Excited to see the family, the dog, and the christmas tree with all questionable home-made decorations, that I spent my childhood producing.



Christmas time and a brand spanking new year

A new year starts, and I immediate;y feel like I should do something. So therefore, hello again dear blog! Sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, next to a man who is concentrated watching Match of The Day, is perhaps not the most inspiring scene imaginable. But, it is life, and pretty damn lovely in its own way.

I spend my Christmas in Denmark as usual. There were not much snow this year, but thankfully a few very frosty days, clear skies, frozen puddles and ice crystals on windows. It doesn’t quite feel like real Christmas without those days where you can’t feel your nose after being outside for 5 minutes.

It was lovely seeing the family and spending some quality time with them all. And Buster the dog of course. I don’t see them near as often as I would like, and it’s silly, really. One of the things I want to change in 2015!

I spend New Years at home in our little loft with my Love, and it was perfect. Now, thinking about what 2015 might bring, I don’t actually have a clue. I feel like something significant might happen, but I’m not sure what. It does feel like some sort of change is in the air though.

Hope you all had a lovely break, and got a chance to see the ones you love. That’s what this season is all about really. Bring on 2015 adventures!

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 23.02.33

Christmas relaxation favourite: Wandering about the little farm with Buster and looking at the chickens.

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 23.03.13

Sadly, Christmas wasn’t pure joy. This little Sweetheart, Kamma, took her last breath. If only animals lived as long as we do!

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 23.03.30

My favourite sidekick ❤

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 23.04.04

Spent a lot of time with this guy over Christmas. He is the sweetest little soul imaginable.

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 23.04.40

Amazing Christmas cookies made by my father – could eat these all year round easily.

Screen shot 2015-01-01 at 23.05.30

Our little Christmas tree in our flat. It will be time for it to continue its journey soon.

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Danish Christmas

A hop, a skip, a cab, a bus and a plane on Wednesday morning, and hello Denmark. It’s time leave London and coursework behind for a while, and head to a few days with family, Danish friends, peace and quiet and holidays. And hopefully snow! Contrary to popular perception, Denmark normally has no snow during Christmas, but the last few years it’s been more likely than ever before. Right now there’s about 15 cm of snow, which is pretty good considering the time of year. 2 years ago, in 2010, there were loads of snow and minus 18 degrees. So cold, that after spending 5-10 minutes outside your skin hurts and you can’t feel your nose. I like it 🙂

Christmas in Denmark is in many ways very different than in England. The basic values are pretty similar, such as spending time with family and eat loads of good food (and preferably gain a few kilos – otherwise you haven’t done it well enough).

The one thing that English people normally find the weirdest about a Danish Christmas, is the fact that we join hands and walk around the christmas tree on christmas eve (the 24th, red.). And sing Christmas songs, while walking. Granted, it is a bit weird. But if you think about it, this normally happens after a massive dinner and dessert, and is therefore a handy little way of burning some of all that duck and sugar potatoes and sauce that was just eaten. In the hardcore families you gotta sing ALL the verses of ALL the songs. It’s normally the elderly people who thinks this is a brilliant idea, while the children (and childish) could easily do with the first and last verse of some of the songs – And maximum one song choice per person. In my family the dog joins in too, and wanders around the christmas tree with a look on his face that we must all have gone bonkers.

After the christmas tree singing fun, some people (including one part of my family) like to run around the entire house holding hands forming a chain. Every room must be visited (first person in turns the light on, last person of the chain turns it off) and this fast tempo song is being sung (“Now it’s christmas again, now it’s christmas again, and christmas last until easter – Not it’s not true, no it’s not true, because in between is the fasting” – Yes, this makes no sense, and yes, works much better in Danish. Must be repeated until the entire house has been visited). After the exercise it’s time to open presents, eat more candy and chocolate, until everybody eventually passes out on the sofa. The 25th is mostly spend relaxing, enjoying presents, and eating some more.

I can’t wait! and I’m really hoping it will look like it did in december 2010 (featuring Buster the dog)












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