Growing things

It’s been a rather busy weekend, full of hard work. When we haven’t been moving stuff, we have been cleaning. Or unpacking. Or looking for lost stuff in the countless boxes and bags. But the worst part of this entire move is over, and I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A few more days (or a weekend) and our new flat might actually look like a proper home.

So I’ve already started thinking about making it feel like home, and at the top of my list is getting more plants, and definitely trying to grow stuff – I’ll definitely give chillies a go (I hear they are easy!) and peppers, but I’m also thinking it would be quite fun to give an avocado plant a try. The internet is telling me that this is a very lengthy process (about 10-12 months before you actually have a three) but I might give it a go nonetheless. It’ll probably be a tree by the time we have to move again! (I really hope that won’t be the case.)

Image via Pinterest

Birthday Wishes

I’m turning 27 tomorrow. No choice. Ready or not. Where exactly are you supposed to be in life when you turn 27? I’m pretty happy with where I am to be honest. And who decides where we ought to be at certain ages anyway?

These are a few of my material wishes this year:


From top left: 1. Pots and plants for out terrace 2. Chinese lanterns for same terrace 3. A Sheepskin for the living room 4. A pair of white converse low tops 5. Nike Freerun 5.0 in black 6. An original Fjallraven backpack (Not because I’m a hipster, but because I’m scandinavian, mind you) 7. Knot ring (loads of them on 8. Chanel nail polish in summery shades

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